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Vivian Min | MIN Jewellery


Min Peng

Min joaillerie est la chic.

Je suis Vivian Min créer madère bijoux.

Moi, Vivian et Min, une ville fille. Vivian Min.

2017 till now

  • Vivian Min starts work with lab grown diamond- Diamond Foundury.

  • Real estate broker.

  • Attendance of domaine de Boisbuchet, and ticket supported by government.

  • Formal use Vivian Min as designer name.

MIN Jewellery® Iphone wallpaper


  • One-day Work Shops starter. 

  • Attendence of domaine de Boisbuchet, and ticket supported by government.

  • Curator of a few exhibitions.

  • The Miss Wang of Shiatzy Chen asked her back to Taiwan for a jewellery collection design. After 2016, Vivian Min started her studio Min studio design and her lebel- MIN Jewellery.

  • Worked as a visual designer that haplanned a brand ready to crass sale bags over China in a HK trade company.

Working norm


  • 1961 XVII made.

  • The Web Affection made.

  • Silversmith studio tutor of fashion design department in a university.

  • Manufacturing jewellery designer.

  • 明華園 back squad of 白蛇傳 in Tainan.

  • Dresser of agnès b. fashion show in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei.

Autumn Leaves

Before 2010 /small things back in student time.

  • 2010 YODEX event general vise-coodinator of Fashion Image department.

  • 色香癒 collection made.

  • Manufacturing patterning room apprentice-basic pattern.

  • Small modelling in a shopping mall of Mia Mia.

  • TBDS student band - drummer.

  • Assistant of manufacturing clothes maker and computer sales'. 

  • Attendance of Australian Catholic University,international summer school in Brisbane.

  • A computer game addicted girl with windows 95 and 98.

  • A 26 spots computer dealer's daughter.

MIN Jewellery use marble...
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