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2019 Vivian Min


I am hiring. File your CV to the e-mail at the bottom.

I havn't finished this page. My company is about to be invested by some bigs. read it on the press page, please. 777

Before you file your CV, read my website words completely first. 777

7 stores in the USA, few spots in the Europe. 777

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My Story

一個台灣土生土長的設計師- Vivian Min™,白手創業,把生長地的想法灌注在珠寶首飾;一點歷史,一點信仰,再加上她的一點想法,根源台灣,受法國啟發,就是 MIN Jewellery®

Designer Vivian Min's artistry draws inspiration from her hometown culture and belief, creating from customer’s stories, and inspired by France.

MIN Jewellery® is created for the fashion savvy.

Min joaillerie est la chic.

Je suis Vivian Min créer madère bijoux.

Moi, Vivian et Min, une ville fille. Vivian Min.

Define ourselves by who we are, and be proud of it.

Like it or not, this is MIN.


If you are looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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